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High quality solar screen roller shades are the perfect window treatment choice for commercial locations, providing increased energy efficiency, and durability.

Cool Shades AZ Specializes in Residential Window Treatments:

Solar film is available in multiple shades from clear to dark.

Window film blocks out 99% of UV rays, protecting you from skin cancer as well as protecting your valuables in your home or vehicle. UV rays fade carpets, blinds, pictures, as well as your vehicles interior. Window film will keep your property looking new.

Specializing in Window Treatments, Window Tints and Window film for Commercial, Residential, & Automotive. 


Window Film and Window Tint Provide UV Ray Protection

Block damaging UV rays from passing through your windows and damaging your furniture through the products we offer. The shutters, blinds, and covers that we sell will surely provide your house’s and car’s windows with an extra layer of protection.

Commercial & Residential Film PANORAMA SERIES


HILITE 15/25/40/55/70/80


CX 35/50/60


STERLING 20/40/60/70
SLATE 10/20/30/40/50

Life-time guarantee

Solar-gard and Panorama offer a lifetime guarantee for cracking, peeling, or bubbling of the film.  
Saint Gobain is a 350 year old company that stands behind their product.

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