Guide to Choosing Blinds and Shades

Guide to Choosing Blinds and Shades

(What you need to know before shopping for window treatments)

When shopping for window treatments there are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Things you need to consider are how much privacy it will give you, how much insulation you need, and what functionality you expect the window treatment to have. We have gathered our best advice to help you through the process.

How to Decide Between Blinds and Shades

Both blinds and shades can provide privacy and add a lot of character to a room. The main difference is the material. Blinds are considered a hard window treatment as they are made from wood or metal. While shades have a softer feel and are fabric-based. However, beyond those basics, there are other things you should consider.

Light and Privacy:

Shades are better for diffusing light or darkening a room altogether. When closed, most cellular shades create a soft, warm glow without sacrificing any privacy. Vinyl roller shades can darken or completely blackout a room, which is useful in rooms such as bedrooms or home theaters.


How often do you see yourself cleaning your window treatments? Blinds don’t need professional cleaning, but they can attract dust. The dust can easily be handled by running a wet rag along them from time to time. While shades don’t attract dust the way blinds do, they still need to be cleaned. The easiest way to clean most shades is by simply running a vacuum brush attachment over them, but any stains need to be left to the professionals.


Many types of shades offer excellent insulation by either blocking the sun’s rays to keep your home cooler or preventing warm air from escaping during colder weather. Hunter Douglas cellular shades are generally considered to be the most energy-efficient window treatments in that regard, thanks to their signature honeycomb pockets of air that create separation between the room and the window. Hunter Douglas Roman shades, especially with an insulating liner, and solar shades are also good choices for insulating window treatments. Blinds allow more airflow than shades, making them poor insulators, particularly against heat loss. Shades are a better choice over blinds if insulation is your main concern.

Costs :

Blinds are often considered a more budget-friendly option, but high-end custom blinds can be more expensive than simple roller shades. Though basic aluminum blinds are generally less expensive than basic shades, there truly is something to fit anyone’s budget.

If you still need more help on your decision Cool Shades AZ can assist you.  We can answer any questions you may have, make suggestions on the best window treatments for your style, and make sure it fits your budget. If you’re looking for custom blinds or shades, reach out to Cool Shades AZ today!



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